Waterwheel Community Shed

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Waterwheel Co-workers

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Do you work or study from home in Bedfordale and surrounds? Do love the flexibility but miss the social interaction of the workplace? Come and join the Waterwheel Co-workers.

We meet every Monday 9.0am-2.30pm at the Waterwheel Community Shed. The Shed has a great meeting room with Wifi, airconditioning and most importantly, a coffee machine for co-working morning teas! It's a great opportunity to network with other local professionals that work from home from a range of industries. No need to stay the whole time, you can come and go as it suits your schedule. To participate you just need to join the Community Shed and contribute $2 each time you use the tea and coffee.

If you would like to give it a trial, the first 2 weeks are free. For more information contact Sarah: mccabe.sarahj@gmail.com.

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