Poem by a Member

The Shed

The Shed is the place to be,
where inspiration reigns supreme.
Men have come from miles around
the word is out, there's a new Shed in town.

With a Shed full of tools and wood to use.
Brand new machines ready for work.
What do they do, don't know yet!
Never too old to learn new tricks.

The floor has been painted, benches are ready.
There's power in the Shed, and the lights are switched on.
With coffee and cake or a bickie or two.
We are ready to start on a project with you.

It's good they say when men get together.
Me and my mates, we pull together.
With plenty of check and good hearted banta.
We are ready to start and have some fun.

The wood has come in, the machines are ready.
To roll up the sleeves, and lets get dirty.
The radio is on, the chisels are sharp.
We have waited so long so let's make a start.

The possums need homes, the bears need chairs.
Bats need boxes, toys to be made.
Young or old, you need the Shed.
Come join in with me and my mates.

Murray Hight

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